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What is your property worth? A professional valuation within 48 hours.

What is your house or apartment worth and how long will it take before you really sell it? We give you free advice about this; a free valuation of your home.

This way we determine the price for which your home has a realistic chance of being sold. During our valuation-visit we take measurements of your property and special features will be taken into account.

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The valuation consists of 4 elements:

  • Which similar homes are for sale now? After all, the prospective buyer also compares with this.
  • Which properties have recently been sold and are still visible online?
  • Cadastral research
  • Calcasa-reporting



Calcasa is an independent technology company specialized in the automated valuation and statistical analysis of real estate for mortgage and real estate organizations.

The Automated Valuation Model developed by Calcasa for the valuation of individual homes and portfolios is internationally recognized for its accuracy and reliability by regulators, rating agencies, accountants, the valuation industry and clients.

Calcasa has more than 100 million data in the database and continuously monitors the 7 million homes in the Netherlands.

Please note: because we work on the basis of No Cure No Pay, you will always receive honest advice from us. Unlike other brokers, we do not charge start-up or withdrawal costs, so we too benefit from a real asking price.


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With our market knowledge, the specific characteristics of your home and based on the term within which you want to sell your house, we arrive at a final valuation within 48 hours.

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