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Expat Homes Holland; your buying agent. It is advisable to receive professional guidance when buying a new home, especially in today’s market. Speed and determination are essential, and when bidding, it is important you don't end up paying too much and to keep both feet on the ground.

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Expat Homes Holland; when buying your property

Expat Homes Holland helps you with the purchase of a home. You can have peace of mind while looking for a suitable home. When you have visited the property for the first time, we will accompany you for a second viewing. If a house has just been put up for sale, it is sometimes a matter of urgency. Expat Homes Holland will accompany you on a first visit or we will visit the house during the open house. Often Expat Homes Holland can also visit the house in the interim or in advance, due to our good contacts and collegiality with other real estate agents.

Viewing a property

As soon as the buying agent has visited the house, we have a clear picture of the house. We will do everything we can to share
our findings with you in the best possible way. Notes have been made, the house has been inspected and based on our market
knowledge we can form a well-founded opinion. We will advise you on a realistic purchase price, architectural aspects and discuss the purchase strategy with you.

Proceed to purchase

As soon as the buyer wants to buy the property, our buying agent can make a bid on behalf of the buyer. The amount of the
bid, the maximum purchase price and the purchase strategy have already been discussed. The buying agent negotiates the purchase price and discusses the corresponding conditions. This includes, for example, a financing reservation or a technical inspection reservation. In this phase we attempt to bring the parties together. If this is successful, the draft purchase agreement can be drawn up. It is possible that the parties do not come to an agreement, in which case they say their goodbyes, and everyone goes their separate ways.

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Legal settlement

If the parties have reached an agreement, the legal settlement will take place. The sales agent draws up the draft sales contract, which describes the agreements made and all personal details. When both parties have agreed, the contract can be signed.

Professional knowledgeat Expat Homes Holland

The Expat Homes Holland buying agent will go through the draft purchase agreement and subsequently discuss it with you. As soon as the agreement is completely clear to the buyer and there are no more questions, the contract will be signed. The sales agent will sign with the seller and the purchase agent will sign with the buyer. During the final inspection and the transfer of ownership at the notary, the buying agent will also assist the buyer. The property may be inspected by the buyer before the transfer of ownership to see if the property is as it should be. The meter readings will also be recorded during the inspection.

If necessary, we offer aftercare. If things are arranged properly, we keep the chance of hidden defects to a minimum. However, there is always a possibility that discussion arises afterwards. In the unlikely event, the Expat Homes Holland buying agent will assist you with advice and action. Here too, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction! This aftercare is 100% service of Expat Homes Holland without additional costs.

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