How do I sell my house?

Styling advice You will receive free advice from us about styling your home. This consists of arranging your furniture, storing small or personal items, but can also refer to the saucing of some walls, the whitening of grouting or replacing a leaking tap. We advise on this, you choose how far you want to go.

You will receive the sales technical interior advice about your home from us before the photography is scheduled. With a small future home we can often make it more attractive for larger candidates.

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Professional Photography

For the indoor photos and even more so for the outdoor photos, it is important that it is a mostly sunny day. We ensure that we are flexible in the timing so that we can postpone the photography for one or more days where necessary. We take height photos for a ground-bound home to make your home stand out in the right way. When a drone video has added value, we can engage an external party with whom we have national agreements so that this can be performed at the lowest possible cost.

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Sell a house

Pricing; asking price or starting price?

Or even purchase price? Depending on the valuation, we determine together with you at what price we will present your home in the market. The regular "ask price" is the most used and there are also brokers who only use a "bid-from price". We will work with you to determine which pricing is best for your home. We notice that the price categories per € 25,000 as used on Funda, for example, largely determine the amount of "online exposure" that your home receives. The right pricing offers a better chance of one to one outlier. We can use the valuation to make a good estimate of the value of your home, but we focus on the prospective buyer for whom your home is the new dream home and offer room for an offer that is higher than the regular value.

Schedule an open house

Especially for your home we organize an open house on the second Saturday after we go live. This ensures that all interested parties have the opportunity to view your home. The purpose of the open house is also that prospective buyers see that more people are interested in your home. Man is a herd animal, a desirable home yields more and is sold faster. With the right pricing, there's a good chance your home will sell before the open house. There is often a buyer among the first viewers; when bidding, we use the approaching open house to stretch a bidder's budget so that you get the best price of the moment for your home!

What is the value of your house?

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