Different valuation rules for Vereniging Eigen Huis

Valuation report

From next year, homeowners who want to take out or change a mortgage will be obliged to have a traditional appraisal report made. The Dutch Bank is now being driven by an exception to the new European guideline. According to Vereniging Eigen Huis, it costs a lot of time and money but does not yield anything extra.

From June 2021, a traditional valuation report must be drawn up when someone wants to take out a mortgage. The report costs 400 to 500 euros, while at the moment a model valuation of a few tens is often enough. From 2022, this will also apply to homeowners who want to change their current mortgage, for example for a renovation.

Source: RTL Z

August 24, 2020

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Holidays in times of Corona

For many people, the holiday fell into the water because of the coronavirus. Still, the need to go out for a while remains. What can or can't be done?

For many Dutch people, a holiday in their own country is a good option. A survey by shows that many Dutch holidaymakers see Limburg as an excellent alternative to Spain or France. Of the 1,200 people surveyed, 44 percent said that they organize their holidays in their own country. Of the 44 percent, 16 percent choose Limburg. This puts Limburg in second place after the province of Zeeland (17 percent). In general, women tend to opt for the coast and men for the province of Limburg. 

Due to the corona crisis, many parks and campsites closed their doors. From 1 July, the sanitary facilities will be open again. This means that campsites and holiday parks can reopen. 


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iQ Makelaars policy regarding the Corona-virus

Because housing is an important need and we do not want to let you down in these turbulent times, our real estate agents will remain as active as possible for you during the Corona circumstances.

General meetings

In personal contact we will keep a distance of 1,5 meters minimum. We also like to greet you in another way than shaking ones' hand. Further, the precausions as advised by the RIVM will be taken into account:

Only employees of iQ Makelaars who are feeling 100% well will be working, in line with the advice from the RIVM. If you do not feel 100% well, we kindly ask you to not schedule an appointment in which you will be present physically. Of course we welcome you to contact us by e-mail or telephone. 

Our employees will work from home where possible, therefore why we might be less reachable than you are accustomed to. 

Selling a house

To ensure that your schedule will not be delayed, we will remain active in giving advice regarding value determination and selling. Are you considering to put your house up for sale, our real estate agents will still visit you. It is, after all, necessary for us to see the house to give you the best advice. We can have a personal conversation while still remaining the needed distance. 


Viewings will be held with as little people at the same time as possible, preferably only the possible buyer(s). If you feel only slightly feverish, we kindly ask you to cancel the physical viewing. 

When you prefer a video viewing, this will be facilitated by Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype. You can trust that the present iQ Makelaars employee will fully and sincerely inform you about the "look and feel" of the house.

Planned deliveries

Appointments with the notary will take place as usual. We do not expect any changes in this, if so we will inform you.

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Hoogste aantal nieuwbouwwoningen sinds 2009

Volgens het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek zijn er in 2019 bijna 71.000 nieuwbouwwoningen opgeleverd. Ten opzichte van het jaar ervoor is het een groei van 6 procent en het hoogste aantal nieuwbouwwoningen sinds 2009.

Inmiddels zitten we in een hoogtepunt maar op het dieptepunt werden er maar 45.000 nieuwbouwwoningen opgeleverd. Naar alle waarschijnlijkheid is het hoogste punt ook weer geweest. Door de stiksofcrisis zijn er voor nieuwbouwwoningen minder vergunningen verstrekt. De verwachting volgens het Economisch Instituut voor de bouw is dat de nieuwbouwproductie dit jaar met zo’n 5 procent zal dalen.

In de Nederlandse hoofdstad kwamen er in 2019 de meeste nieuwbouwwoningen bij (ruim 500). De woningvoorraad steeg procentueel gezien het meest door nieuwbouw in de kleine buurgemeente Diemen met bijna 9 procent.

Bron: NOS

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Economy keeps growing, building sector as well

The CBS notes that the Dutch economy will keep on growing the next 3 months. The growth consisted of 0,4 per cent in comparison with the quarter before. This is the same as the 2 first quarters of 2019. 

The main reason for the growth is de spending of consumers and the investments of companies. Despite the discussion and measures about nitrogen and PFAS, the production of building companies keeps growing.

A lot of building companies cannot start with new projects because the distrubtion of permits lays still. But building companies had enough ongoing projects in the last quarter which they received a permit for in may, so they could keep going.

Source: NOS

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Succesful expats meeting in Amsterdam

On November 21st, expats in Amsterdam got the opportunity to learn all about the housing market in our capital city. Jarl Brouwer, iQ Makelaar working in the Amsterdam region, organised a seminar where buying a house was the main subject. He did this in collaboration with the organization 'Expat Republic' and Martin Ten Hagen, mortgage advisor and financial professional. 

Buying a property in Amsterdam can be really painful or really exciting, it all depends on how you go about it. With so many rules and procedures in The Netherlands, many houses on the market and so many people bidding, it’s hard to know what to do or where to start! Therefore, this cosy seminar was very suitable for expats who would like private focused advice for their buying needs and learn about hte real estate market. The evening was a huge success and Jarl came into contact with several purchase-customers.

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