Despite an overstrained housing market, mortgage interest rates are historically low

You have been able to buy a home for quite some time now with a very low mortgage interest rate.In recent months there has been little movement in interest rates. According to Mortgage Advisory Group Van Bruggen, it will also remain quiet in the area of ​​mortgage interest in the coming weeks. How is this possible?


Compared to the market interest rate, the mortgage interest rate is quite stable, reports the mortgage advisory group. Normally, the mortgage rate follows the capital rate, but this year the capital market rate rose and then fell again. Mortgage interest rates remained stable and low in comparison.


According to Amanda Bulthuis of, the cause is clear. It would be due to the strong competition in the mortgage market. Lenders do not dare to raise their interest rates. They prefer to opt for a low margin so as not to lose their market share.


Her expectations are that interest rates will remain stable for a few months, but then rise again. “As the corona measures are increasingly relaxed and people are starting to spend more again, inflation continues to rise. This will ultimately lead to capital market interest rates rising further and mortgage lenders will have to raise their rates in order to earn enough from their mortgages.”


Source: Dagblad van het Noorden (Dutch)

August 9th 2021

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First-time buyers dominate the current housing market

In the first quarter of this year, buyers between the ages of 18 and 35 determined the housing market. This age group was the buying party in just over 60 percent of the transactions. According to the figures, this age group mostly bought houses with values exceeding 400 000 euros. 


The reduction of the transfer tax seems to play an important role. First-time buyers no longer have to pay transfer tax, in order to encourage potential first-time buyers. 40 percent of young home buyers who make use of the transfer tax exemption are transferees. 


The idea behind this arrangement is that you can use it once. It is expected that the number of starters that use will be forthcoming.


Source: BNR

May 5, 2021

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Number of new-build houses decreased after years of increase

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports that 69,332 new-build homes were completed last year. This is less than in 2019, when 71,500 new-build homes were built.


The number of new-build homes has not increased for the first time since 2015. In 2014, the number was still around 45,000 homes. "We do not know exactly whether the decrease is due to the nitrogen and PFAS problem or whether there were simply fewer building plans," says Peter Hein van Mulligen of CBS. "It can be anywhere, it is slightly less than in 2019 but still more than the years before."


Despite the fact that the housing shortage has not yet been resolved, an additional 845,000 homes must be added in the longer term in the next 10 years.


Source: NOS

January 28, 2020

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Solar park Eelde provides more energy

In 2020, the solar park at Groningen Airport Eelde generated more energy than expected. 6,600 homes are supplied with green electricity instead of the expected 6,200 households. This is due to the clear spring weather and the many hours of sunshine over the past year.


It is the first solar park in the world to be constructed between an active take-off, taxiway and the apron. According to the airport manager, it is fantastic that in this way the central area has a dual function. It is also beyond expectations.


Several airports and organizations are interested in the sustainability project. There is an increasing demand for making locations more sustainable.



January 29, 2021

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Different valuation rules for Vereniging Eigen Huis

Valuation report

From next year, homeowners who want to take out or change a mortgage will be obliged to have a traditional appraisal report made. The Dutch Bank is now being driven by an exception to the new European guideline. According to Vereniging Eigen Huis, it costs a lot of time and money but does not yield anything extra.

From June 2021, a traditional valuation report must be drawn up when someone wants to take out a mortgage. The report costs 400 to 500 euros, while at the moment a model valuation of a few tens is often enough. From 2022, this will also apply to homeowners who want to change their current mortgage, for example for a renovation.

Source: RTL Z

August 24, 2020

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Holidays in times of Corona

For many people, the holiday fell into the water because of the coronavirus. Still, the need to go out for a while remains. What can or can't be done?

For many Dutch people, a holiday in their own country is a good option. A survey by shows that many Dutch holidaymakers see Limburg as an excellent alternative to Spain or France. Of the 1,200 people surveyed, 44 percent said that they organize their holidays in their own country. Of the 44 percent, 16 percent choose Limburg. This puts Limburg in second place after the province of Zeeland (17 percent). In general, women tend to opt for the coast and men for the province of Limburg. 

Due to the corona crisis, many parks and campsites closed their doors. From 1 July, the sanitary facilities will be open again. This means that campsites and holiday parks can reopen. 


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