Cost of selling a house

The costs of selling a house differ greatly per broker. With most brokers you pay sky-high presentation packages and you often get too little in return for the price you pay. iQ Makelaars offers you a lot of work at low costs. We always work on the basis of a real "no cure, no pay" and only accept a sales order if we are confident that we can actually sell the property.

The costs for presentation are very competitive with us. This is not something we want to make money on like many other brokers. The presentation package serves to achieve a good price and quick sale and should not be a revenue model.

We never fool you! All amounts and percentages include VAT. As a customer you know exactly where you stand with iQ Makelaars.

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Cost of selling a house

What we do for you?

  • No cure no pay
  • Free valuation of your home: you receive a realistic asking price
  • Extensive brochure with a description of our work
  • Professional photos of your home, these are taken by a professional photographer
  • Extensive online marketing strategy with professional sales text and placement on various housing websites. We are where the potential buyer is looking!
  • An extensive color brochure of your home
  • You will always be helped by a sales broker with a lot of knowledge of the local market.
  • You will receive professional advice on how to best present your property. We aim to sell your property within the first three months of the sale period.
  • You keep the costs of selling your house low with iQ Makelaars! Register your property today and we will forward your application directly to the appropriate location.

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