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Step-by-step plan for selling a house

Are you curious about the sales process of a home? Expat Homes Holland is happy to give you a clear overview of the step-by-step plan when selling a house. During every part of the step-by-step plan, our brokers are ready for advice and guidance, in order to achieve the best sales result!

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Sales process house

Step 1. Free valuation

Before we start working on the sales plan for your home, the first step in the house selling step-by-step plan is the valuation. One of our real estate agents will come by for a no-obligation introductory meeting and recording the house. We then conduct an extensive investigation, for example based on Land Registry and Calcasa, in order to arrive at a final valuation. With this valuation we can make a realistic estimate of the selling price and selling time of your home.

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Step 2. Collect Documentation

When you are going to sell a house, it is important that you have all the paperwork in order. That is why Expat Homes Holland ensures that you collect the necessary papers as early as possible in the sales process. This may concern the papers that you received when you bought the house, or documents relating to any subsequent adjustments to the house. In addition, the valuation is also part of the documentation. With these papers at hand, we can act even faster in later phases of the step-by-step plan!

Step 3. Styling advice and professional photography

The third step in the step-by-step plan is taking professional photos of the home. Beforehand, Expat Homes Holland gives you advice on the presentation of the home, so that it looks as good as possible. This may concern, for example, the layout of the furniture or the color scheme of the home. After this advice, we schedule the photography. Thanks to our flexible working method, we always ensure that this is done in good weather. With professional and appealing photos, Expat Homes Holland ensures that the house gets even more attention!

Step 4. Unique sales planning for your house

Once all documentation has been collected and photos of the house have been taken, it is time for step 4 in the step-by-step plan to sell a house: the sales planning! In the sales planning, we first determine which marketing tools we will use to promote your home. You can determine what you expect from us, and which resources you would like to use. In addition, we select data for organizing Open Houses, for example. At Expat Homes Holland we clearly list everything, so that nothing can go wrong when selling your house!

Step 5. Online marketing for your home

After creating a sales plan, it is of course time to implement it. Step 5 in the step-by-step plan for selling a house is therefore the use of online and offline marketing for your home. At Expat Homes Holland we work with an extensive marketing strategy to ensure that your home gets enough attention. For example, we promote the house through housing platforms such as Funda, and we can run special advertising campaigns. In addition, we provide physical sales brochures and for sale signs for your home. By conducting marketing through various channels, we stimulate a quick sale of the house!

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Step 6. Open House and Viewings

As soon as a property is placed online, reactions are often quickly received from interested parties. To give all people the opportunity to view the house, Expat Homes Holland organizes a free Open House for your house. This is of course already planned in step 4 of the step-by-step plan. People who have seen the house in real life are much quicker to make an offer, which is why we like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to come by. When there is interest in viewings, we ensure that this is arranged the same or the next day. Even if this falls in the evening or at the weekend, it is more than obvious to us that we are there because of our flexible working method!

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Step 7. Negotiations and purchase agreement

Congratulations, a first offer has been received! Now it is time for step 7 in the step-by-step plan to sell a house: conducting negotiations. During the viewings we ensure that we form a picture of the buyers and their motivations. This allows us to properly estimate during negotiations which strategy will provide the best outcome. Once the sale price has been agreed, it is important to act quickly. The buyer is only definitively bound to the home three days after signing the contract. Expat Homes Holland has a legal department ready to draw up a watertight purchase contract. We also take unforeseen matters into account, so that absolutely nothing can go wrong after the sale.

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Step 8. Delivery inspection of the house

Once the cooling-off period has passed, your home is officially sold! The next step in the step-by-step plan for selling a house is to carry out a delivery inspection of the house. Your expat broker will of course be present. During this final check of the house, we check whether the house is also handed over as agreed in the contract. In addition, we also record the meter readings during this last inspection, so that you can cancel your energy contracts with this.

Step 9. Delivery of the house and to the notary

Before the house is finally delivered, we first go to the notary. As a purchase broker, Expat Homes Holland is of course present to ensure that the correct deed of delivery is signed. This way you know for sure that you don't sign anything that you don't support. After this transfer at the notary, the keys are handed over to the new owner. With this, the sales process has been successfully completed, and the buyer is officially the owner of the house!

Step 10. Any aftercare by Expat Homes Holland

Despite the fact that we do everything we can to prevent this in our working method, it is possible that discussion arises afterwards about, for example, hidden defects in the home. In that case, Expat Homes Holland offers the necessary aftercare free of charge. Our legal department is at your side with advice and assistance. We aim for 100% satisfied customers, and we do this by providing 100% service from start to finish. That is precisely why you choose Expat Homes Holland when selling your house!

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