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Your decision has been made: "I am going to sell my house!" Feel welcome to contact Expat Homes Holland. We can help you with everything that comes with selling your property!

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Every month many visitors view our advertisements, including the house you want to sell! Expat Homes Holland actively brings your home to the attention of buyers through modern marketing. We also do viewings on Saturdays and in the evening hours, so everyone has enough opportunities to view a house and get excited about it aswell. Because the chance of sale is the greatest in the first three months of the sales period, we strive to sell your home within this period.

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Sell my house

My house on sale

Expat Homes Holland serves the market from many places and thus combines national coverage and strength with local speed and market knowledge. This gives us access to national marketing for your home and high quality legal support from the head office. Expat Homes Holland always works on the basis of real "no cure, no pay". We only start a sales assignment when we are confident that we are actually selling your property. We will always give you honest advice; we also benefit from a realistic asking price.

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