Selling a house through Funda

With approximately 5 million visitors per month, Funda is the platform for home seekers in the Netherlands. By listing your home on Funda, you greatly increase your chances of a successful sale. Expat Homes Holland has direct connections with Funda, and therefore always ensures that your home is prominently placed on Funda.

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Sellling a house through funda

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Our method for your home on Funda

Expat Homes Holland works according to a No Cure No Pay method. This means you don't have to pay anything until we have actually sold your home! Just like you, we benefit from the best sales result, and we only accept an assignment when we are confident that we will achieve it.

All Expat Homes Holland offices are affiliated with the trade association VBO Makelaars. As a result, we have a direct link with Funda, and we can advertise your house quickly and easily via Funda.

Do you want to sell your house through Funda? Then contact the No Cure No Pay broker: Expat Homes Holland! As a real estate agent, we support you during the entire sales process, and we do everything we can to sell your house for the best price.

Modern marketing for your home

Selling a house consists of creating opportunities. As a sales broker, we have noticed that approximately 70% of all attention for a property is generated via Funda. But Expat Homes Holland also has an extensive marketing package available in addition to Funda and various other housing platforms. For example, we can start an advertising campaign via Google and social media, and we also have our own platform for international home seekers: Expat Homes Holland. We also provide physical brochures and for sale signs, especially for your home. Expat Homes Holland does everything it can to sell your home quickly!

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