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Expat Homes Holland does everything it can to sell your house!

Expat Homes Holland uses various marketing tools to sell your house quickly and for the best price. We bring your home to the attention of home seekers through various housing platforms, and we can also run special advertising campaigns. Would you like to know more about which marketing we use to sell your home? Then contact us!

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Marketing house broker

The Expat Homes Holland marketing strategy consists of:

  • Professional sales styling and photography of the home
  • Writing an appealing sales text
  • Promotion via housing platforms, such as Funda, Jaap, Pararius, and Huislijn
  • Campaigns via Google Ads and Social Media
  • Physical custom home sales brochures and signs


Sales styling and professional photography

Beautiful photos are essential to ensure that your home appeals to enough people. Before these photos are taken, Expat Homes Holland gives free advice about the styling of the home. Small adjustments, such as painting a wall or rearranging furniture, can often make the house look even better on the picture. We are flexible in the planning for taking the photos, so that this happens on a mainly sunny day. We can also take height photos for ground-bound houses so that the house really stands out. In addition, we can use a drone if this has added value for the advertisement. As a sales broker, Expat Homes Holland ensures that your home gets the attention it deserves!

Extensive online marketing to sell your house

Creating online attention is extremely important to sell a house. Expat Homes Holland takes care of this attention with the help of online marketing for your home. About 70% of all exposure for your home is generated via Funda, so of course we ensure a prominent placement on this platform. In addition to Funda and other housing platforms, we pull out all the stops to create even more viewers and sales opportunities. For example, we can use a Google Ads campaign or a Facebook campaign. In addition, we provide physical brochures and for sale signs for your home.

More information about our method

International platform: Expat Homes Holland

Expat Homes Holland has created its own platform, especially for international home seekers. Through this platform we help expats find a suitable home in the Netherlands. Your home can also be promoted via Expat Homes Holland. This way we provide even more sales opportunities for your home!


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