Werkwijze IQ Makelaars

No cure no pay

iQ Makelaars always works with a "no cure, no pay" method. We only start an assignment when we are fully confident that we will definately sell your house. You will always get an honest advice from us; just like you we benefit from a realistic asking price.

Vastgoedpro or VBO

The offices of iQ Makelaars are connected to professional branche organization Vastgoedpro or VBO Makelaars. This makes sure that we have a direct link with Funda so we can present your house perfectly. For our connection, all real estate agents have to keep their knowledge level up to date by yearly education from the SVM nivo and registration as (K)RMT. 

There are no downsides

Funda has over 40 million visitors a month and is owned by the NVM, which in the past resulted in benefitting NVM-estate agents. The National Competition Authority has dealt with this unfair competition and in October 2015 a ruling by a judge ended the favourability of NVM-members. Your house will be placed prominently and high in the results on Funda by us. Our offices have an extended professional liability insurance, so you are protected from all risks. 


Speed, working on saturdays

An iQ Makelaars agent understands that you have to work when potential buyers are not working. Therefore we can do viewings in the evenings or on saturdays. When a viewer calls or e-mails for a viewing then this can take place the following day, or even the same day in some cases. We will take a chance on every possible sale!

Always an office or partner close by

iQ Makelaars services the market from a lot of places and combines national coverage with local speed and market knowlegde. This gives us access to national marketing for your house, high quality legal support from the headquarters and we are an outstanding conversation partner. 

The housing market changes all the time; because we have combined our forces nationally we know better how to service the market and are always up to speed on the latest developments. 

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