Franchise real estate agent

As a franchise real estate agent you are responsible for the purchase, sale or rental of homes in an exclusive area. Being a franchisee has many advantages, because you can use existing products, services and experiences. 

Franchise formula brokerage

The franchise formula has increased considerably in the brokerage sector because most brokerage formulas allow one to start as a broker from home. The threshold for starting a franchise formula brokerage is much lower than in the retail sector. Experience in real estate brokerage is not always necessary; commercial drive, ambition and entrepreneurial qualities are. Expat Homes Holland and iQ Makelaars are both franchise formula brokerage.

Franchise formula rental and sale

As a franchise broker you work independently and you can use the brand awareness and all other advantages of the franchise organization. It is possible to become a franchise broker in both the sales and rental brokerage. In addition, we can also make a distinction in rental and management brokers. A rental broker mediates between home tenants and landlords and works on behalf of the latter. As a landlord, a management broker takes full care of your situation and takes care of all matters that come back monthly.

Becoming a Franchise real estate agent

Are you interested in real estate, are you a real entrepreneur with commercial qualities and do you like to tackle it? Then becoming a franchise real estate agent might be something for you! At the moment Expat Homes Holland is only looking for franchisees in the region of Zeeland and Dordrecht. Would you like to know more about this? Than please take a look at this page.

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