Housing market continues to cool down

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The housing market seems to be cooling down further. The number of existing homes currently for sale has increased by no less than 67 percent. However, sales are lagging behind, Funda indicates.


Makelaarsland sees that the number of viewings continues to fall in the past 5 months. In the same period last year, there were on average 13.1 viewings per home. That is considerably more than now. Currently, the counter stands at 7.8 percent. In addition, the number of bids per home has also fallen by an average of 4.6 per home.


It is also concluded that there is also less outbid. The record was still at a record high in June 2021. Makelaarsland sees that almost one in three houses are sold at or below the asking price. If there is overbidding, the difference is less than the asking price.


Source: NOS

June 8, 2022

Publication date 19/07/2022

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