Despite an overstrained housing market, mortgage interest rates are historically low

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You have been able to buy a home for quite some time now with a very low mortgage interest rate.In recent months there has been little movement in interest rates. According to Mortgage Advisory Group Van Bruggen, it will also remain quiet in the area of ​​mortgage interest in the coming weeks. How is this possible?


Compared to the market interest rate, the mortgage interest rate is quite stable, reports the mortgage advisory group. Normally, the mortgage rate follows the capital rate, but this year the capital market rate rose and then fell again. Mortgage interest rates remained stable and low in comparison.


According to Amanda Bulthuis of, the cause is clear. It would be due to the strong competition in the mortgage market. Lenders do not dare to raise their interest rates. They prefer to opt for a low margin so as not to lose their market share.


Her expectations are that interest rates will remain stable for a few months, but then rise again. “As the corona measures are increasingly relaxed and people are starting to spend more again, inflation continues to rise. This will ultimately lead to capital market interest rates rising further and mortgage lenders will have to raise their rates in order to earn enough from their mortgages.”


Source: Dagblad van het Noorden (Dutch)

August 9th 2021

Publication date 20/08/2021

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