Holidays in times of Corona

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For many people, the holiday fell into the water because of the coronavirus. Still, the need to go out for a while remains. What can or can't be done?

For many Dutch people, a holiday in their own country is a good option. A survey by shows that many Dutch holidaymakers see Limburg as an excellent alternative to Spain or France. Of the 1,200 people surveyed, 44 percent said that they organize their holidays in their own country. Of the 44 percent, 16 percent choose Limburg. This puts Limburg in second place after the province of Zeeland (17 percent). In general, women tend to opt for the coast and men for the province of Limburg. 

Due to the corona crisis, many parks and campsites closed their doors. From 1 July, the sanitary facilities will be open again. This means that campsites and holiday parks can reopen. 


Publication date 20/08/2020

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