House prices expected to rise by 12.5 percent

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According to ABN Amro, prices on the housing market will rise again this year by no less than 12.5 percent. Low interest rates, tight labor market and the limited supply on the housing market are pushing prices up further.


The bank expects prices to rise by 5 percent next year. Low interest rates are the main reason for the huge prices. According to an economist from the Economic Bureau, prices will not fall but can only rise.


Low interest rates mean that people can borrow money very cheaply to buy a house. As a result, people quickly start looking for a house. The bank does expect, because it has been taking so long, that the effect of this will be less this year.


In addition, there is still a shortage in the labor market. There is a staff shortage in various sectors, which means that people who start a new job have a good negotiating position about their salary. More pay means being able to offer more.


Source: RTL News

January 7, 2022

Publication date 18/01/2022

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